In the previous article in this series, we used the WHOIS lookup to find out if a domain name was available to be registered. In this article, we'll look at how to register and pay for your chosen domain name.

Registering your .IE domain name

If you're registering a domain name AND getting webhosting:

  1. Decide on a good Irish webhost and pick one that is also listed as an official IE Reseller.
  2. Get out the credit card and have your email address ready
  3. Decide on the hosting package you want
  4. Fill in their form and pay online. If this proves too much for you, then RING THEM and do it over the phone. All the good Irish webhosts listed on this website have phone numbers with real people who will be happy to assist you.

If you're registering a .ie domain name ONLY for right now:

Sometimes you want to register a domain name and you're just not ready for the website bit. Follow all the points above, but omit the web hosting. What you'll have in the end is a parked domain. If down the road you decide on webhosting and you don't want it with the webhost where your domain is parked, then ring the (new) irish webhost you intend to get web hosting from, and ask them to transfer your domain name (from old webhost) to them. They do this all the time. You will incur a fee (difference between cost of .ie between new/old web host PLUS 1 years domain fees in advance usually. The advance domain fees are credited to you - you won't pay twice. Also there should be no transfer fee as such). Be sure to discuss the details with them beforehand.

Registering any other domain name (.com, .net, etc)

The right way to do it - register and pay for the domain with an ICANN approved top level registrar. That way you own and control the domain name and can switch between web hosts without being controlled by webhosts or resellers.

Once you've done this, you'll have an account with the domain registrar where you can add even more domain names. You can leave the domains parked there for free. When you're ready for web hosting you just add your chosen webhost's nameserver information (they'll send you this when you sign up) and your domain will then be connected to your web hosting account. Don't worry, we'll do it step by step.

Registering a .com with

Godaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world. But you can use any ICANN approved top level registrar. There are also a few Irish companies on this list.

A few things to bear in mind watching the video below:

  • Don't buy any extras - you'll get all that for a fraction of the price when you get irish web hosting (like email, website, templates, ssl certificates, shopping carts etc)
  • Don't buy extra domains either - not unless you have good reason to
  • Don't sign up for their newsletters - you'll get emails every day if you do - only worth it if you're planning on hundreds of domains
  • There is no need to add private registration. Let people look you up on WHOIS and see you are a valid business with a real address
  • The first time you register you'll create an account. Keep your username/password safe. You'll also be asked to create a PIN number - that's for if you ever have to call them, you probably never will
  • You will end up with a parked domain - meaning it lives on godaddy doing nothing at all. When you're ready to add webhosting, read the next section below. You'll be getting your webhosting elsewhere.

How to add webhosting to a parked domain (by changing your nameservers)

First of all, go buy some decent irish web hosting. When you sign up:

  1. Tell them you already have a domain, and you will change the nameserver info on your domain name account after you've bought the webhosting package
  2. As you pay for your webhosting, enter your domain name and tell them you will change the nameserver information (you don't have that info yet, but you will)
  3. Once you've paid, you'll get a welcome email from your new webhost. Inside that email, they will list their nameservers - you should see a minimum of 2, they look like something this: and
  4. Go back to your godaddy account (or to whichever registrar you bought the .com, .net, .org etc from) and log in. Follow the directions in the video to change your nameservers.
  5. Give it 12-24h, and try typing your domain name into your browser. You should see some logo that your webhost puts up for domains that don't yet have website files added. That's it - your domain is no longer parked - it is now pointing to your web host's server. You're ready to upload your website's files!
Buying a .com domain with Godaddy

Adding your webhost's nameservers

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Last updated: 14 Apr 2020