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Will SEO increase my ranking? How is a Paid Listing different?

How keywords on your webpage affect your organic search rankings. Know the difference between a paid and an organic listing.

SEO Paid vs Organic

Use the Keyword Planner for Better SEO

Use the Keyword Planner to optimise your webpages for relevant keywords and improve your rankings in the organic search results.

Keyword Planner

How Fast is your Website?

The speed of your website is a primary factor in getting good SEO rankings. Put your website to the test!

Website speed test

How much Bandwidth does my Website need?

Don't be duped by offers of Unlimited or Unmetered Bandwidth. Find out how to estimate your data usage and more.

All about Bandwidth

The Great Big Image Problem

Your website is getting bigger and it's taking forever to backup. Chances are you're suffering from the Great Big Image Problem.

large image

What is a Domain Name?

The term Domain Name is used a lot. But what is it? And does it include the www or not?

domain name

How to choose a good Domain Name

The art and science of how to choose a good domain name. Should you choose a .com or .ie ending?

choose a good domain name

Registering a Domain Name. Is it Available?

How to use a WHOIS service to find out if the domain name (.com, .ie etc) you want is available.

WHOIS domain search

Domain Name Account Basics - Legal Rights and Control

Before you set up a Domain Name account, understand the legal significance of the Account Holder and other WHOIS contacts.

Domain Name Legals

Purchase your Domain Name from an Accredited Registrar

You should purchase a Domain Name from an Accredited Registrar. Doing so ensures that you are in the driving seat.

Accredited Registrar

How to Choose a Good Webhost

Choosing a good webhost can be tricky. Support is a priority. We'll also discuss some features you don't actually need.

webhost support

How much should a Website cost?

The answer is that there's an option for every budget, including free! We look at those options and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Website Cost

10 Questions before getting a Website Quotation

Ten simple things to think about before you ring a website firm and ask them: How much is a Website?

Website Quote

Set up a Google Account to use Google Products on your Website

There are some great free Google products you can use for your website. First, let's set up a Google Account.

free google products

Cookies and the Law

A technical look at cookies and similar technologies, the good, the bad, and what European legislators are doing about it.

cookie law

How to Construct a Website Data Privacy Statement

How to construct a GDPR compliant Data Privacy statement for a European website. It's not as hard as it sounds!

Write a Data Privacy Statement

Distance Selling Regulations in Ireland

If you're selling online, then get to grips with the Distance Selling Regulations and what that means for your website.

Distance Selling Regulations

Dealing with Email Spoofing

Email Spoofing is when people receive spam emails from YOU! We discuss how it happens and how to prevent it.

Email Spoofing Forgery